Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Too kind

Well, it is just before 3am and like any normal person, I am putting some new mp3s on to my sexy MuVo. Oh yes. Including some daft punk I might add. I am slightly worried that I am going to have to remove a few old tracks (such as the brilliant das boot), but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
So, while my beloved computer is busy doing this for me, I decided to write a lovely little blog for you. Hence the title. And, yes I am.
In other matters, I have been practicing a bit of self hypnosis in order to try and improve my motivation. I have to ask though, if I am motivated to learn and try self hypnosis to cure myself of a motivational problem, maybe it isn't my motivation that is at fault? On a minor aside, if you fall asleep while hypnotised, are you still hypnotised when you wake up? This is something that I have been testing...
Today I spent over an hour hacking in to my router. Not much fun, especially when all your internet stops working ,you realise you have no back up and no way to undo what you actually did. Strangely this sort of thing happens to me quite a lot. I guess I am just the sort of person who likes to fiddle with something until I break it, then get a smug sort of satisfaction when I put it back together and see it working.
Deja vu? I am just having a very bad case. This may have something to do with the fact that daft punk is playing down my ears loud enough to melt my ear drums.
Anyway, I have just finished reading Angels and Demons. A good book, just don't read it if you are a scientist (ie a physicist or chemist - no Biology is not a real science). It will annoy you (unless you are a certain friend of mine...). DaVinci code is still good though bearing in mind my previous gripes. Blimey, I am a misery.
Well, my mp3 player has finished doing what needed to be done, so, in the words of the prophecy, it is time to go and de-hypnotics myself.
Until we meet again (damn deja vu).


Blogger m said...

i have to say, im not a big fan of the davinci code. to many italics for my liking.

3:23 pm  

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