Monday, April 25, 2005

Rumours of my demise....

Well, I could start this blog by laying in to BT. Or by complaining about how not having a phone line for a week has ruined my life. Maybe I could tell you how, when I finally take over the world, the BT operator that I talked to will be first against the wall. But this is all a bit too melodramatic for a Monday morning. Well, afternoon, but it is close to the morning. I am looking at life in a more positive way too...
I have just been to a bbq for my friends birthday. Much drinking was involved as well as meeting someone I haven' seen for about seven years and whom I thought I would ever see again. It turns out he has married my friends sister. It's a small world.
I have been reading Angels and Demons over the last few days. While I do like the concept, I would suggest that scientists do not read it. For example, I have a problem with storing a quarter of a gram of positrons in a jar. Bearing in mind that positrons are essentially the same as electrons (apart from the spin), I don't see how this would work. Also, storing the positrons in a "total vacuum". How I laughed. For anyone who doesn't know, even space isn't a total vacuum. Positirons have been made in the real world, but it is impossible to isolate or store them as there is matter everywhere.
Anyway, I am probably being pedantic. And it is a good book.
Well, it's that time of the day again - the cats are spitting at each other and my coffee cup is empty. Or maybe it is just waiting to be full? Positive thinking.


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