Monday, February 07, 2005


Well, I made the sad mistake of actually telling someone that I had a blog. Now the pressure is on to write something once again. Damn you Kropotkin!
And, apparently, I am now south east asian.
Anyway, on to matters of life. Today I saw a young lady that I used to have a bit of a thing for but, thankfully, have long since got over. Until today. When I find out she is a nurse. Damn. Some days you just know that the world is out to get you.
One of the joys of being older is that you can play with your food as much as you like. True, you may get a few strange looks, but in general people will just mind their own business. Especially if you ask them for some of their food to play with as well.
Next time you get some opal fruits (or starburst for any of the younger people) try this. I am convinced it improves the flavour, but would like a second opinion.


Great fun.
For you martial artists out there, get your cheap laugh of the day.
Fear the real deal super secret kung fu style. Indeed.
Time for a quote....

"Do not worry if others do not understand you. Worry if you do not understand them"
- Conficius
"Do not trivialize small acts of peace and harmony, thinking 'I will never reap what I have sown'. A pitcher is filled one drop of water at a time and a person centred in oneness who proceeds in peace and harmony will soon manifest the peace and harmony in his life."
- sayings of the Buddha

Hmmm... I often prefer eatern sayings over western. I think it is down to the fact that eastern languages are often far more artistic and their sayings are slightly abstract.
A quick word on kung fu. I hav recently discovered an extra strike in the hidden punch. It is very sneaky and i like it. I can also now project force through my pi quan (metal or splitting fist) so that I can put out a candle from about a foot away.
For anyone interested, a few points on generating power. Always keep your back straight. You can lean as long as the back is not curved. The six harmonies - one of the keys to internal kung fu: When your shoulders move, your hips move the same way and the same amount (ie. the body never becomes twisted). Hand and foot move together, and elbow and knee moves together (they move together but maybe on opposite sides unlike shoulders and hips). Use them and practice them. Ignore them and forget them. Your choice. They are genius though. Oh, and remember, the hips lead all movement. I have a distinct feeling that people reading this are going to associate it with hippies and kung fu. To explain, when practising tai chi chuan, the hips should always be moving (as the hips lead all movement). I only watched the girl at the front, and she sucked ass. What hope do the rest of them have?
Anyway, before I get too annoyed about hippies ruining the name of kung fu, I will go.
A nice lengthy post to make up for my recent apathy. And to end with, one more quote. Brace yourself, this one is deep.

"Waking I knew a dream, and the sadness like a pouring flood"

I just remembered another quote that I liked:
"Fortis cadere, cedere non potest"
"The brave may fall, but can not give in"


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