Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Non stick

After seeing these in my christmas issue of pcformat (cue geek jokes), I wanted some. As any gamer knows, the feet on optical mice wear out quick. And when they are gone, it can cause extreme amounts of stress. Does this make me sad? Maybe. Not as much as what follows though. After making me want to buy them, I find out that the eeeevil pcworld will only sell them over the intenet. Bearing in mind that I don't want anything more from them (their prices are some what excessive for most things), I found the £5 post and packaging to be a bit steep. I write a nice email to their customer services asking why it was not possible to buy them from a pcworld store (which all have a big section called component centre just to rub salt in to my wounds), and they basically tell me that it's like that (huh) because that's the way it is. Anyway, I then got a bit bitter and went to many shops and received many funny looks asking for them or teflon tape. In true blue peter style, it was time for the double sided sticky tape.....
Starting materials:
Upgraded mouse:
And for good measure, a mouse mat:
Well, after a full and productive day doing that, I only had tme for three hours of training. Here is a picture:
If I was a yang stylist, this would be snake creeps down. Since I do chen, but don't know the real name, I will call it... snake creeps down. Genius.
Quote time:
I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think
- Socrates


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