Thursday, October 28, 2004

The king and I

As promised, here is a photo from my archives:
(please note the recent resizing)

The King and I

Hopefully this works.
Anyway, I was thinking today while walking back from an interview about what people do while they are walking. Everyone naturally looks around. Some people look up and see the stars. Some people look around and see the world. Others look down so that they don't step in any crap and some look inwards and see whatever they want to.
I was having a bit of a look at some of the other blogs. My favourite I have found so far was entitled "The beautiful people" - the diary of an american teenage goth. The reason I like this one so much (besides all the insightful explantion of his social dynamics - yawn) was one of his entries which simply read "fuck you". Inspired. In my experience, goths have a habit of taking themselves far too seriously. In my expert opinion, someone should give him a slap.
Time for some food. Have fun.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sleep cycle

No, this isn't about a new alternative to sleep walking. It is in fact about my crazy sleep patterns again. Huzzah. I woke up at 2am and it is now 9:30pm. I have spent the day handing in my notice for my flat, sorting out bills and talking to my parents. Also, I have another job interview at 10am. I like to make my life difficult. Oh well, it is all a bit of a giggle. With any luck, I will start having a few mild hallucinations soon. Or maybe just some crazy dreams. I am a big fan of dreams too. I had a dream the other day where I was a crippled kung fu master with a lovely spear. I was going off and practising alone despite my disability. I rule.
Did some cleaning today as well. It made me sneeze a lot. Conclusion - cleaning is bad for you. That's scientifically rigorous that is.
I have spent the last 3 days watching all of angel series five. 21 episodes. My head hurts a bit. Still, it was pretty funny. And it appears. That I can't. Type in sentences. That are longer than. A few words. Genius.
That'll be my cue to go to sleep.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


It is 7am and I have just finished playing pool against nofutureforyu. He wouldn't accept the fact that I kept beating him. Oh well.
I have been trying to find some good anagrams of my name. Here is what the online anagram generators have come up with:

Satan (or santa) demolish
Dalton (or toland) messiah
His last daemon
Sadist manhole

I find it interesting that my name can spell both satan and messiah. Only one which is remotely funny. Oh well.
Good news, I have found out how to post pictures properly. Maybe I will take advantage of this knowledge another day. I am typing one handed as the cat is asleep on the other arm. Git.
Time for bed.
Have fun.