Friday, October 15, 2004


Sleep is a funny thing. My name is Simon, and I am an addict. Now you may think that I am just being silly, and that everyone needs sleep and is, therefore, an addict. Not so. Well, maybe so. I feel my case is worse though. Regardless of what time I go to sleep, I can not get up before 2pm. It is impossible, unless I have an appointment which I can not break or miss. The brain is a funny thing. I am talking about sleep due to the fact that I have just been woken up by someone ringing my (incredibly loud) door bell. Bastards. Not wanting to appear that I was still asleep at 1pm, I got up, changed, turned my alarms off (which had been on snooze since 10am) and turned on my TV (to imply that I had been awake all this time, oh yes) in less than 30 seconds before rushing to answer the door. It was the builder who had come to sort out my mould problem at last. He assures me that the topological cream is very effective. Only joking.
Anyway, my point is that it is funny how, when someone else is involved, I can be awake on compus mentus(?) in less than a minute. On my own, it would take hours. As I said the brain is a funny thing.
Things I achieved yesterday:
Getting my diablo 2 character to lvl 63 (which is a good thing).
Doing 2 hours of kung fu in my flat with no one motivating me.
Managed to watch a whole hour of the nutty professor 2 before my brain gave in.
Filled a table full of random numbers. I am fairly sure that I put them aal in the right place too.
Got more good news about jobs (this time in warrington).

Not bad for a day.
I have just noticed the spell checker and decided to give it a whirl as I type far quicker than I actually can. Interesting to note that it recognises the word bastards, but not snooze. It is a funny old world.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Execise is bad for you

Wow. I have just been doing some wrist rollers and now my arms are so buggered that I can barely type. Still, when I end up with arms like popeye it will all have been worth it.
More potential job offers are coming my way. Sadly I don't know what the actual job is, just that they are looking for a chemist. Now, chemistry is a pretty large field, so who knows what they actually want. Do they know what they actually want? All very strange.
Spent some time earlier today looking up the roots of Hsing I (one of my kung fu styles literally meaning from and mind boxing). For any of you that are interested...

Currently I am watching The Nutty Proffesor 2. Why you may ask. Well there are two reasons:
1. To laugh at the pathetic attempt at pseudo-science invented by morons in hollywood (it is a scientist thing).
2. To motivate myself to do some work or kung fu practice (in that it is such a crap film that even work is more interesing).
On that note, I am off for more kung fu.
I am not off to play computer games. Not at all.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Welcome to blog

Well, to quote a phrase, hello.
After much reading of young Neil's blog site, my jealousy has finally got the better of me. That and writing a diary in HTML is a pain in the arse. So here I am. Genius.
To start off on a high note, I have just been told that my cv is being forwarded for a job at a chemical company in salford. On a slightly lower note, the position is for an experienced hplc operator. For those of you that don't know, I am a theoretical chemist. This means that I play on computers all day and don't get any real work done. A hplc is a big scarey(?) machine that I have no clue how to use. I wonder how long I can blag it for....
Currently I am quite poor and so have been living off random food stuffs. This week I have mostly been eating meatballs with rice and drinking hot vimto. Food of champions.
Also, being poor means that I am no longer doing kung fu. This in turn means that I am practising at home in my flat. My small wooden floored flat. I am wondering how long my neighbours will take before they come round to complain.
Talking of my flat, I still have mould growing out of the walls. I told the landlord about this some weeks ago, and they still haven't done anything about it. Joy joy happy joy.
I have also given up smoking. Interestingly enough, it is not the cravings that are bothering me. Instead it is the boredom. I am really bored. Ah, I think I'll have a cigarette. Oh wait. I can't. Bastards. I have started drinking whisky instead. Genius.
That's all for today. Maybe there will be more tomorrow. Maybe not.
Copying something else from Neil, here is a list of things for me to do (this is an actual list that I have written down):

Do some work (you monkey)
Find a job
Do some kung fu

Genius list.