Sunday, December 19, 2004

Naughty Monkey

Yes my imaginary friends, I have been naughty and not written to you (all) in a while. I am flagellating myself as I type and beg your forgiveness. However, I am a lazy git and you should not have expected better and maybe it is you who should be asking my forgiveness for having high expectations of me. That told you. Anyways, speaking of laziness, I can't really be bothered to type too much, so I fall back on my old friend the list. Without further rambling, here is a list of what I have mostly been up to:
Turning 25 (as of the 18th)
Buying and watching many many cheap DVD's
practicing a lot of kung fu
Doing a lot of standing and sitting meditation
Reading many forums (particularly kung fu based ones)
Doing too much qi kung (or chi gong if you prefer)
Reading up a bit on the occult
Having a laugh at the crazy people in the world
Deciding that being evil overlord of the planet earth is my ideal job
Not going out much
Giving up smoking
Removing cat claws (with cat still attatched) from various bits of my anatomy
Doing some work
Spending hours pressing F5 in the hope of winning a new processor
Being slightly ill
Feeling slightly better
Hmmm... that is about all that I can recall at the moment.
I am off to do some more qi kung/zhan zhuang, mind-intent boxing and great ultimate boxing. I'd like to see Japanese martial arts beat those names.
Until we meet again.


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