Saturday, October 23, 2004

Learn a new thing everyday

I have just realized that I can't spell exercise. Damn my poor command of thw written language. Oops. Now, that was an accidental typing error, but I thought I may as well leave it in just to prove my point.
Anyway, back to the title. I have been watching a large amount of BBC learning zone recently. All good stuff. My recent favorite was the rise and fall of communism in Russia. About three hours worth. I am currently watching philosophy in action. Apparently. Looks like boxing to me. For those of you who are thinking that I am being a bit more crazy than usual, I assure you that it all makes sense. Even outside of my own head.
Thing I am not recommending at the moment:
Smoking roll ups when feeling ill.
Smoking roll ups without a filter.
Smoking roll ups at all.
Sound advice.
I was practicing some kung fu earlier and have done myself a mischief. Whilst doing a wood turn (think one leg squats whilst punching some one in the face and stamping on their knee) when I heard a nasty crack coming from my knee. I should add that I felt it as well but can you feel a crack? I didn't mean it that way. Filthy minded people out there. Anyway, I am currently hobbling around my flat trying to get some sympathy from the cat. I don't think it is working.
I have finally swallowed (what little I have left of) my pride and emailed nmrboy to ask him about publishing pictures on here. So maybe there will be some up soon. I knew my webcam would come in handy for something.
Anyone watch the poker final on today? It was great. If you like poker.
I should probably leave it there for today. I fear I am not making too much sense. It is 4am and I have been awake for ten hours. Maybe I should try the old 'sort out my terrible sleep pattern by staying awake for an extra 18 hours' trick. It is a classic after all. You know that you have all thought about it at one time or another.
Right. Time to go.


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