Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I have been trying to upload photos to blog via hello. All very confusing. Bearing in mind I do use lots of various computer programs for work and at home, you would think that it would be easy to upload some pictures. Maybe it is just me. I suppose I am easily confused though that usually has something to do with my friends and their randomness.
Speaking of which, a friend of mine came up for the weekend. He has a funny habit of going to sleep at the strangest times of day. Then, when he is asleep, sometimes he will wake up for a minute, talk gibberish (not always even in english) then go back to sleep. Genius.

Things I currently recommend (in no particual order):

Fudge (mmmmm)
Guyver bio booster armour
Sitting down after having eaten far too much
Lovely ladies
Texas hold em poker
Kung fu
Lots and lots of coffee
People not smoking lovely, oops, I mean evil cigareetes near me

More to be added...
Time for a few proverbs:

No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor.
-Danish Proverb
Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.
-French Proverb
Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and all good things will be yours.
-Swedish proverb

Multi cultuaral wisdom (thanks to http://www.theotherpages.org/quote.html). Genius.
Until I type again....


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