Thursday, October 14, 2004

Execise is bad for you

Wow. I have just been doing some wrist rollers and now my arms are so buggered that I can barely type. Still, when I end up with arms like popeye it will all have been worth it.
More potential job offers are coming my way. Sadly I don't know what the actual job is, just that they are looking for a chemist. Now, chemistry is a pretty large field, so who knows what they actually want. Do they know what they actually want? All very strange.
Spent some time earlier today looking up the roots of Hsing I (one of my kung fu styles literally meaning from and mind boxing). For any of you that are interested...

Currently I am watching The Nutty Proffesor 2. Why you may ask. Well there are two reasons:
1. To laugh at the pathetic attempt at pseudo-science invented by morons in hollywood (it is a scientist thing).
2. To motivate myself to do some work or kung fu practice (in that it is such a crap film that even work is more interesing).
On that note, I am off for more kung fu.
I am not off to play computer games. Not at all.....


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